Crossroads: Politics, Religion & Time Travel?!

It’s episode #31 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!

In this installment of The Mud Puppets Show, Mud Puppet Ryan has been sent to the future to find the elusive Moe Peterson; in studio Mud Puppet Joel is joined by a special guest host where they discuss the upcoming city elections and celebrate a victory in the McKinley Project.

Also, there’s a new holy man in Wyandotte! His name is Pastor Alabaster and he’s looking to build a young, supple flock of female congregates for his Church of Love. Was that a Deacon Chester he just mentioned?

Finally, Mud Puppet Joel has a big announcement regarding the Mayoral Contest between Councilwoman Sheri Fricke and Mayor Joe Peterson!

2017 is shaping up to be an interesting year for The Mud Puppets Show.