Podcast #90: Survival of the Sickest


In this edition of Mud Puppets Radio…

Mud Puppet Joel compares the respective NBA Finals Game 1 performances of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry to the arcade-style 90’s video game, NBA Jam.

Through a series of phone calls he also discusses WWE Extreme Rules and veers into dark territory with questions of cannibalism.

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Heel Fan Harper Floyd

It’s episode #23 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!


In this installment of the Mud Puppets skewered the latest side show antics of the Wyandotte City Council and in the process sharpened their attacks on ne’er-do-well councilman Ted Miciura.


Heel Fan Harper Floyd joined the boys for an interview to talk about Pro Wrestling Locker Room, another show produced at Wyandotte Cable. Through the course of the interview Heel Fan and Mud Puppet Ryan even managed to bury the hatchet over an issue that once had the two embroiled in a heated feud! And be sure not to miss a fun-filled edition of This or That! Did somebody say something about a pair of underwear made of knotted worms?! Oh, sex-ay!!!

For more information on Pro Wrestling Locker Room and independent wrestling, visit the links below:

YouTube: Heel Fan News

Facebook: Heel Fan News

Podcast #11: Dog Days of Summer

This podcast has a lot going on! I crossed paths with the infamous Mrs. X, Ryan and I made light of the recent Ebola outbreak and the Beat the Card Challenge rolled on.

Next Saturday we’ll be talking about our favorite sitcoms and we encourage you to submit yours as well, maybe we’ll even call one of you about it! As always, you can send any questions or comments to themudpuppets@gmail.com or simply leave a reply on this blog.


  • Kentucky Ties: A Day with Cousin Jimmy Jr.
  • Wrestling Urban Legends
  • Ray Rice, Stephen A. Smith and Roger Goodell: A Lesson in Chauvinist Male Cowardice

– Mud Puppet Joel

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Episode #11: Dog Days of Summer