Bad to the Bone

It’s episode #34 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!

In this installment of The Mud Puppets Show, Mud Puppet Joel welcomes his old friend, Johnny Bad Wheels back to the studio. The wheelchair bound wrestling promoter is back to pimp Detroit Style Wrestling.

Peter P. Gazdowicz also returns to the show but this time he’s acting as co-host! What octogenarian shenanigans does the ole codger have up his sleeve?! Whatever it is, it’ll have to be substantial because something has gone seriously wrong with Mud Puppet Ryan’s mission in the future and it’s going to change the very fabric of Wyandotte.

Finally, Mud Puppet Joel has something very serious to announce. Will he finally reveal his endorsement for Mayor?




Seaman, Snakes & Swindlers

It’s episode #33 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!

In this installment of The Mud Puppets Show, Mud Puppet Joel welcomes animal breeder, Tiffany Scheid. Tiffany is the owner of Olly’s Box of Mischief and she’s brought a few crawling, slithering friends to the studio.

With Mud Puppet Ryan still in the future on a mission to locate Moe Peterson, Mud Puppet Joel welcomes  the most colorful co-host to date with the return of the inimitable, irrepressible Porthole Pete! How will the pansexual pirate co-exist with Church of Love proprietor, Pastor Alabaster?

Finally, explore Porthole Pete’s sexual preferences in a new segment called Would Porthole Pete Pork It?


Generational Divide

It’s episode #32 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!

In this installment of The Mud Puppets Show, Mud Puppet Joel is joined by another special guest co-host and Pastor Alabaster performs a special blessing upon the show.

In another effort to reach out to the elderly community, Mud Puppet Joel enlists the help of Peter P. Gazdowicz, a Wyandotte senior citizen and as you’ll soon discover an avid teller of tall tales!

There’s another missive from Mud Puppet Ryan as he continues his search for Moe Peterson in the future! Freakin’ wild, man!


Meeting of the Minds

It’s episode #29 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!

In this installment of The Mud Puppets Show, Mud Puppet Ryan is on a special fact-finding mission! Meanwhile, Mud Puppet Joel welcomed residents, Tony Miello and Zack Welch into the studio to discuss solutions for McKinley School.

img_4075Tony argued in favor of a proposed senior living center while Zack presented the case against the project; but more importantly both gentleman agreed to some common ground by the end of the discussion. Are you listening Mayor and Council?!

Zack and Tony also provided their thoughts on alternative proposals by The Mud Puppets themselves, a cat house redevelopment by Mud Puppet Ryan seemed to have some merit. Before the guests were released back into the wild, Mud Puppet Joel asked each of them Five Burning Questions about the City of Wyandotte!

All Hell Breaks Loose During Mud Puppets’ 2016 Apology Tour

It’s episode #28 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!


In this installment of The Mud Puppets Show, the boys embarked upon a bold apology tour in which they sought to right all the wrongs they themselves have perpetrated against the City of Wyandotte and its elected officials! But not everybody was willing to play nice — a shadowy presence lurked in the shadows armed with death threats and legal action!

episode 28 wordpress pic

Never a duo to be deterred, the muddy ones soldiered on and delivered their respective proposals for the vacant McKinley School and then took phone calls from citizens of Wyandotte! Was that Councilman Ted Miciura on the line?! Yeah, you know it!

Stick around to the end of the episode when Mud Puppet Ryan unveiled a new segment entitled Wasting Everyone’s Time with Pointless Minutia & Trivial Garbage. Wow, that’s a mouthful! And you don’t want to miss who…or what showed up inside the studio! And that’s to say nothing of an unexpected twist and one truly shocking return by a former guest! OH YEAH! There’s a new sponsor too — Butthurt Be Gone!!!

What the hell are you waiting for?! Go watch this episode now!

We Got Two Words For Ya…First Amendment

It’s episode #27 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!


In this installment of The Mud Puppets Show, the boys discovered that a rather odd dedication had been made in their name, the feud with City Treasurer Todd Browning seemingly came to a conclusion and Lesser Known Events in the City of Wyandotte were highlighted!


Heel Fan Harper Floyd returned to the show to promote his own program on Wyandotte Cable, Heel Fan News! The one-time goon turned Mud Puppets’ crew member spoke of his split with the Pro Wrestling Locker Room, his experience at Extreme Midget Wrestling and even participated in a wrestling-themed edition of F, Marry, Kill!

Stay tuned to the end of the episode when Mud Puppet Joel and Mud Puppet Ryan issued a Special Comment on the state of The Mud Puppets Show itself!

Heel Fan News on the Internet:

Facebook: Heel Fan News

Youtube: Heel Fan News

Skin the Cat, Turn the Screw

“I’m beautiful in my way, ’cause God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way.” – Born This Way, Lady Gaga (Born This Way, 2011)

Those of you who follow The Mud Puppets closely know the deal. Hell, most people who only follow the show casually know the deal — it’s satire, parody. It’s a joke. Admittedly, Ryan and I use our podcast as a means to offer something of a behind-the-scenes look into our lives and the production of all things related to The Mud Puppets. But even that at times allows us slip into exaggeration and bombast. Ryan and I allow ourselves to do that in the name of comedy, we know how to tune that dial and we’re precisely aware of where our real life selves blur the line with the more outlandish Mud Puppets caricatures.

Each episode of Mud Puppets Radio is nothing more than Ryan and I riffing on current events, our hobbies and the daily minutiae of our lives. There is no script. Sometimes I jot ideas down throughout the week or Ryan might shoot me a few suggestions by text or Facebook. Other times, Ryan will come over and we’ll brainstorm topics a half hour before we record. Once we have our topics or segments I put them in order and we fire up the equipment. It’s a fun, loose format. By contrast, the show produced for Wyandotte Cable is scripted. Aside from ad-libs or the occasional on-the-fly switch, The Mud Puppets Show that appears on Wyandotte Cable and YouTube is largely scripted. We’re playing characters. It’s shtick. Satire. Parody. Really, how hard does such a point need to be hammered?

I decided to write this today due to the ongoing hand-wringing that has taken place at Wyandotte City Hall. It has become abundantly clear the harmless jokes we’ve directed at the Mayor, City Council and other elected officials have not been appreciated by those individuals. It has become obvious that they either don’t understand the humor or simply hold themselves in such high regard that they’re incapable of laughing at their own behavior, and rest assured there’s plenty to laugh about.

You see, Ryan and I can make a distinction between ourselves and the loudmouthed troublemakers we portray on our show, but most of those that hold seats of power in Wyandotte don’t have that same ability. Not only can they not grasp The Mud Puppets Show for the painfully obvious satire that it is, they’re also incapable of separating their petty, small city public personas from their actual, real lives. These self-styled royals would have you believe that they aren’t playing to the camera every time they assemble for one of their ludicrous council meetings. They live in a bubble inflated and sustained by the very hot air they themselves produce. It’s sad, pathetic and delusional.

That behavior has led a number of these thin-skinned politicians to entertain the notion of legal action in order to prevent further ridicule of themselves from a show that is so plainly an exercise in satire. I know, it’s the kind of thing you have to take a moment to wrap your mind around. The reactions Ryan and I have received from Wyandotte’s elected officials is far more farcical than anything we’ve ever done on The Mud Puppets Show. It’s worth noting too the particular content that has been found objectionable. Bear in mind that throughout the three years that our show has aired on Wyandotte Cable we’ve shied away from no topic no matter how controversial or taboo. In fact the more inappropriate a topic may seem has only increase the chance that we would use it for comedic fodder, because for those of you who just don’t get it — that’s the function of comedy in any society. Often on our show the comedy can be gross, sophomoric or even mean-spirited.

Below I’ve listed some examples of things we’ve done on our show — stay with me for a moment because this all has a point.

We skewer celebrities.

We mock the dead.

I once appeared as a horny, female elf and vigorously enjoyed an oversized candy cane.

Matt has rubbed his nipples on at least half a dozen occasions.

There are endless fat jokes.

We recently insinuated that Ryan was raped by extraterrestrials and currently have a fictitious sponsor called Alien Splooge as a result of his assault.

A crude, drunken sock puppet named Munch has reveled in debauchery and the misery of others.

We once highlighted a story about the Swiss Cheese Pervert, a guy who tried to lure woman by rubbing swiss cheese on his genitals.

My brother has portrayed a pan-sexual pirate who owns a boat called the Brown-Eye Bruiser.

I promoted something called the Decapitation Challenge.

I could go on, but I think those are enough examples. Do you know what all of those things have in common? We received zero complaints about any of it. Despite the tasteless or insensitive nature of such content we’ve never heard a single complaint. Do you know what that tells me? It isn’t the content or context of the show that’s the problem. The only time we’ve received complaints or fielded backlash is when a public official has been the target of our playful mockery. Their concern over what is said on The Mud Puppets Show is transparent and self-serving.

Now, I could remind them that Ryan and I have done nothing illegal and that satire, parody and indeed comedy are protected by the First Amendment. I could point out that time and again courts have ruled in favor of these rights. I could indicate to the elected officials in Wyandotte that they’re no different than the state and national public officials who are portrayed as craven crooks and incapable idiots in every newspaper across the country with a cartoonist on staff. But do I really need to do that? I don’t think so. They already know all of this and that’s why any threat of legal action is nothing more than impotent rage and ultimately more clay for us to mold on The Mud Puppets Show — and we do thank them kindly for that.

No, what I’d rather do today, right here in this post is air out the truth of the matter. The Mud Puppets Show has only come under fire to the extent that it has because I’m an employee at Wyandotte Cable. The powers-that-be, in all of their infinite wisdom, believe that my employment is a card to be played, something to be leveraged against me. Well, I’m here to say that I’m not intimidated and I’m not impressed. I’m sure these strong-arm tactics usually yield the results that these humorless cowards are after, but they will not deter me. It only emboldens me. The folks making noise believe themselves to be invincible in this community — that they’re some how above criticism or entitled to the meager power of their office.

To those people, I say this —

You’ve never dealt with someone quite like me so spare me the political theater and your baseless legal threats. Or don’t, I’m quite enjoying the show. Yeah, I’m laughing, boys. We’re talking head-thrown-back, stitch-in-the-side, full-on gut-busting laughter. Jokes are simple, fellas. You can be in on it, you can be the butt of it or you can ignore it. What you won’t do is stop it. In fact, your absurd response has done more to cement you as a joke than anything Ryan or I could ever say on the satirical offerings of The Mud Puppets Show.

I’m not here to kiss your ring.

I don’t bow to blue bloods.

I’m not asking for your approval.

I don’t need your permission.

– Joel