Podcast #84: Pure Drunk Luck


In this edition of Mud Puppets Radio…

Mud Puppet Joel and Dani get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day! They discuss the meaning of dreams, argue over the weight of dinosaurs and contemplate spending $100 million in leprechaun gold!

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Podcast #74: The Road Goes Ever On and On


In this edition of Mud Puppets Radio…

An emotional Mud Puppet Joel bids farewell to the departing Mud Puppet Ryan and simultaneously welcomes B. Mo officially into the fold.

Predictions are made for the U.S. Presidential Election — learn what signs Mud Puppet Joel will be looking for on Election Day.

MPJ and B. Mo also pan poisoned Halloween candy hoaxes and also examine Branden’s exploits as a masked vigilante. Has B. Mo inadvertently or perhaps willfully contributed to the clown paranoia in his neighborhood?

Finally, Mud Puppet Joel closes with some final thoughts on the 2016 haunt season.

As always, you can send any questions, comments or show topics to themudpuppets@gmail.com or simply leave a reply on this blog.


2nd Annual Top Ten List

Happy April Fool’s Day!

One year has passed since I first compiled a list of our ten most viewed videos, and a lot has happened in that time. Most notably, we took our act to our local public access last June and have produced a monthly episode for Wyandotte Cable ever since. We also shot memorable remotes in our community, including Munch at the Wyandotte Street Art Fair in July and our behind-the-scenes trek through Bloodbath on Biddle last fall. Recently, we were even afforded the opportunity to provide ringside commentary for a live wrestling event.

Through the Mud Puppets Ryan and I have meet a lot of interesting people and forged unforgettable memories; I’m excited to see where the next year will lead us. Here now, are our top ten videos as of the time stamp on this entry.


This old favorite was ranked #9 in 2013; will it survive another year in the top ten? Ryan and I have discussed using Mario and Luigi in other sketches on several occasions but the duo has yet to return. Princess Peach however did earn a little more screen time in 2012’s Our Muddy Christmas.


Ranked #5 in 2013, this one slipped four spots over the last year. This episode is notable for the first appearance of Porthole Pete. It also featured The War, Toilet Wendigo, Donkey Show Radio, and the little known Dementia Dad. Dementia Dad is one of our few sketches that has not been individually uploaded.

#8. GAY CAVEMEN (469)

The prehistoric duo held up fairly well over the last year, falling just one spot. Chad and Ooglok are among our most popular characters, having now appeared in five separate videos. Most recently the flamboyant couple could be seen celebrating same-sex marriage.


Released last August this sketch rocketed into our top five for a short time before leveling off. In terms of feedback, Church Sex Rules is considered among our most offensive and shocking videos surpassed in depravity perhaps only Bad Job Interviews Volume 1.


Our first episode did manage to stay in the top ten for another year but it also fell three spots in that time. This episode featured the only instance of Instant Viewer Feedback, something we once thought would be a recurring bit.


The nearly hour long Halloween episode featured interviews with Reverend Thaddeus Doodoogy and members of the Wyandotte Jaycees. It was even mentioned in two online articles by the Wyandotte Patch.


Our first Halloween classic held strong throughout 2013; we even used some of the footage from the zombie sequence in a dream sequence in the 2013 follow-up, Our Muddier Nightmare.


This is likely one of the more bizarre premises employed in one of our videos. Ryan found the sight of me in that wig and mustache to be very amusing indeed.


Everybody’s favorite creep held on to the #2 spot. This remains one of my favorite sketches, and yes we do have the outline of a script to a long overdue sequel.

#1. AMURICA! (4,601)

With an enormous lead in place, Amurica! doesn’t seem as if it will relinquish the top spot any time soon. People like them some hillbillies.


Through the Dingleberry – Episode #3, Mega Bone! and The Sick, the Lame, the Handicapable – Episode #4 all fell out of the top ten over the course of 2013. They are currently ranked 11th, 14th, and 16th respectively among our entire library of videos.


-Mud Puppet Joel


The Mud Puppets Experience a Bloodbath!

In our latest Mupdate, Ryan and I announced our plans for Horror Month. This October everything we release on YouTube will be related to horror and Halloween — next Saturday for instance our sketch will feature a demented child who has a habit of drawing disturbing pictures.  And that’s just the beginning gang!

We’ll also be heading into the studio that day to shoot the fourth episode of our variety show and as you may have guessed this one will be chucked plumb full of fun and fright. Among our guests will be representatives from the Wyandotte Jaycees, the group responsible for that haunted attraction known as Bloodbath on Biddle! The Jaycees organization has a long history of haunting and we can’t think of a better guest to represent the community for this Halloween inspired episode.

Ryan and I had a chance to go out to the haunted house this weekend and were treated to a behind the scenes tour. We shot interviews with various members of the organization from electricians and artists to the very ghouls that will prowl the grounds come October. We even squeezed in a Blair Witch inspired comedy bit. All of this will be featured in our episode which will be posted to our YouTube channel on October 12th.

Mud Puppet Ryan is about to be axed!

Mud Puppet Ryan is about to be axed!

Ryan and I pose with project lead Jon Dehring who is understandably terrified.

Ryan and I pose with project lead Jon Dehring who is understandably terrified.

The freaks are out on Biddle!

The freaks are out on Biddle!

We Mud Puppets ham it up outside the haunt.

We Mud Puppets ham it up outside the haunt.

Bloodbath on Biddle is located at 3131 Biddle Ave. Wyandotte, MI. 48192. The haunt will run October 11-13, 17-20, and 24-31. Bloodbath on Biddle is open 7pm-10pm Thursdays and Sundays, 7pm-Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Admission is $15. For more information visit wyandottejaycees.org or call (734) 288-7024. A wonderfully grisly ad can be found for Bloodbath on Biddle on page 25 of the Fear Finder.