Meeting of the Minds

It’s episode #29 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!

In this installment of The Mud Puppets Show, Mud Puppet Ryan is on a special fact-finding mission! Meanwhile, Mud Puppet Joel welcomed residents, Tony Miello and Zack Welch into the studio to discuss solutions for McKinley School.

img_4075Tony argued in favor of a proposed senior living center while Zack presented the case against the project; but more importantly both gentleman agreed to some common ground by the end of the discussion. Are you listening Mayor and Council?!

Zack and Tony also provided their thoughts on alternative proposals by The Mud Puppets themselves, a cat house redevelopment by Mud Puppet Ryan seemed to have some merit. Before the guests were released back into the wild, Mud Puppet Joel asked each of them Five Burning Questions about the City of Wyandotte!